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Clamps / Press Bars
Microphone Clamp PC-10 from WindTech

Multi-Position Clamp, 5/8"-27 Male Thread Rotates 90º
Rubber Insert For Flat or Round Surface Mounting
Mounts to most 1.25" Tubes or 1.25" Table Top
Great for Press Conference Podium Mounting
(See M-21 Adapter for replacement parts)
Microphone Table Clamp TMC-3 from WindTech
Table Mount Clamp 5/8"-27 or 3/8"-16 Male Thread
Press Conference Microphone Clamp
Clamp Opens to 1-1/2"


Microphone Stand Headphone Holder MAH-5 from WindTech
Heavy Duty Microphone Stand Clamp
Holds Cables, Headphones etc.
Great for Studio or Broadcast use
Deluxe Microphone Drum Clamp DMC-10 from WindTech 
Professional Adjustable Drum Clamp With Shock
Isolation, 5/8"-27 Male Thread

Triple Microphone Adapter MA-358 from WindTech
Triple Microphone Adapter / Press Bar
5/8"-27 Female to Three 5/8"-27 Male Threads

Press Conference Bar or Multi Microphone or Accessory Adapter
Clamps to most microphone stands from .85" (21mm) to 1.18" (30mm)
Adapts to Four 5/8"-27 Male thread with locking nuts


Six Microphone Press Conference Adapter MA-658 from WindTech
Press Conference Bar or Adjustable Stereo Bar
5/8"-27 Female to Six 5/8"-27 Male thread

Microphone Add-On Clamp MSA-1 from WindTech
Add-On Mic Stand Clamp For Additional Microphone
Soft Neoprene foam insert to prevent scratching
Fits Most Stands, 5/8"-27 Male thread


Mini Ball Head with Spring Clamp.

Uses BH-1 Mini Ball Head.
Spring Clamp opens to 1-1/4".

Rubber edge protector to
help prevent scratching.


Mini Ball Head with "C" Clamp.
Uses BH-1 Mini Ball Head. "C" type Clamp
opens to 1-1/4".
Rubber edge protector
to help prevent scratching.
Clamps to flat or curved surface.

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