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WindTech Mic-Muff Logo

WindTech Mic-Muff Fur Microphone Windshield 

WindTech Mic-Muff Faux Fur Windshield for Zoom H1     Windtech Mic-Muff Windshield for Tascam iM2
WindTech Mic-Muff Faux Fur Windshield     WindTech Mic-Muff Faux Fur Windshield

MM-27 For The Sennheiser MKE-400
MM-28 For The Shure VP-83 Shotgun
MM-29 For The Rode Videomic Go
New! MM-120 For WindTech 1200 Series

Fits Marantz PMD620, PMD620 MKII
Olympus LS10, LS11, LS12, LS14,  WS-500
Korg MR2, Sony PCM-M10 Yamaha PR7
Tascam DR7, VR-10, VR-20, DR-05, DR-07, DR-08
MM-51: Fits Apple iPhone 6, 6+, 7, 7+
Alesis Pro-Track Sony PCM-D1, D-50, D100
Tascam DR-100, DR-2D, DR-40, GT-R1, TM-2X
Zoom H2, H2N, H4, H4N
, Q2, Q2HD, Q3

MM-52: Fits Zoom H1

MM-53: Fits Tascam iM2
Panasonic HC-X1000

New!  MM-54: Fits Zoom Q8

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WindTech is Made In America

• More than 45 different models
• 3/4” Fur length for maximum wind diffusion
• Specific models for original factory windscreens 
• American made quality at a realistic, affordable price
• Models will fit both Professional and Consumer products
• Slips over your existing windscreen, includes Velcro closure
• Acoustically transparent, won’t degrade microphone performance

Take The Next Step In Performance...

The Mic-Muff has been tested and used in a variety of applications. Typically, the Mic-Muff will provide up to 20db of wind noise reduction in a 20 MPH wind with virtually no negative effect on frequency response. While the Mic-Muff is designed to be used over the foam windscreen that came with your microphone or video camera, some models are designed to fit over the mic alone and are listed with an * next to the model number. If improved performance or a replacement foam windscreen is needed, the WindTech SG Series offers models to fit most microphones and video cameras. The WindTech BG Series is also available for professional outdoor News and Film applications. There are specific Mic-Muff models to fit both the SG and BG Series windscreens.

AEA Microphone's and WindTech Mic-Muff's in the Wild

AEA Microphone with WindTech Mic-Muff Fur Windshield

Award-winning sound effects editors Ethan Van der Ryn
and Erik Aadahl recently used two AEA R84 microphones in the
Nevada Desert to record fireworks, rocket launches and fly-byes.
The sounds will be used for the sound design of the upcoming Transformers 3 movie.

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